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Grand Theft Auto V on PC revealed again in Amazon listing shocker

Just at this moment an Amazon employee responsible for product listings is probably being dragged out behind the bike shed with a bag over his/her head, ready for the inevitable. Their line manager received an email earlier from the developer of console exclusive game Grand Theft Auto V, with the words “You don’t mess with the R*. You know what to do.” 

The messing in question is the listing of a PC version of GTA V on both the French and German site branches of Amazon. Since there has been no official word on GTAV for PC yet, we can only assume this was a ‘bit of a slip up’.

The French link has since been removed, but the German link continues to work. We can only assume that once the employee involved has been ‘taken care of’, that link will be purged too. 

Of course, listings on Amazon are hardly definitive proof of games jumping to the master platform, but combined with this leak here, and the fact that every GTA in the numbered series has made it to the PC eventually, it seems like the ultimate version of one of 2013’s most polished games is on its way. You watch, these Amazon workers will one day be held up on Wikileaks as heroes who did their best to reveal Rockstar’s secrets to the deserving public. 

Thanks, Eurogamer. 

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nu1mlock avatarUntoldAv3nGer avatarNaberiusX01 avatar
UntoldAv3nGer Avatar
4 Years ago

One word: Mods

nu1mlock Avatar
4 Years ago

No news here (not complaining or anything!) but let's face it - we all knew GTA V was coming to PC eventually.

I'm betting Rockstar is pretty excited to release it on PC, after all, that was the way it was intended to play. I can't imagine Rockstar actually WANTED people to play their great, polished masterpiece with low resolution and old hardware.

I mean, which film maker would want you to watch their master piece on a stream with compression artifacts, bad picture and special effects?

I mean, I get that they went for the console crowd first, seeing they're more than "us". But this is where they will really shine.

Either way, I played the game on console (bought a 360, played some, then took it all back to the store) but I'll play it again - with proper controls and visuals, with my friends and I'll have a great time!

NaberiusX01 Avatar
4 Years ago

as much as i wish to believe that rockstar are still fanboys of PCs, the not so optimized PC port of GTA 4 left me feeling very disappointed