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Grand Theft Auto V will have a sidekick dog who will ride around in your car with you solving crimes


Maybe! I’m only guessing, based on this screenshot of a passenger pooch. There’s a chance the dog in Grand Theft Auto V won’t actually assist in solving any crimes. There’s a possibility that it will never once discover a clue, or jump from a third floor window and flatten the bad guy, before you quip, “looks like somebody needs to lay off the kibble!” and the dog winks at the camera. Probably none of that will happen. Here are some Grand Theft Auto V screenshots that Rockstar have deigned to release on Christmas Eve just to be awkward.

Here’s a shark.

Here’s a mini-submarine.

Here’s a plane, two planes in fact,and a blimp.

And here’s the most boring screenshot so far released, which Rockstar cunningly left to the very end. What do you think?

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