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GTA 5 might not have Nvidia DLSS, but it now has an AMD FSR mod

With AMD FSR going open source this month, this could be great news for more games

Trevor on the run from the police in GTA V

Only eight titles officially support AMD’s performance-boosting FidelityFX Super Resolution right now, but modders like NarutoUA are taking things into their own hands to bring the feature to games like Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA V already has a built-in resolution scaler to help boost fps, but it impacts image quality quite drastically. The modder compares the game’s native upscaling against the mod, with a significant improvement for the latter. Frame rates stay similar between the two, but FSR paints a much clearer picture, with objects in the distance looking noticeably clearer and losing most of their jagged edges, putting this near-eight-year-old game in line with the clarity of modern titles.

AMD plans to make its supersampling tech open source, releasing the source code later this month. Since it’s not currently available, NarutoUA imported a precompiled DLL file from another undisclosed FSR game in order to make the mod, which you can pick up and install from Github. We always recommend caution when downloading files like this from unknown sources, however.

If it’s possible for a modder to add FidelityFX Super Resolution support to a game without even having access to the source code, you can imagine just how many games will receive support from the community when AMD releases the code for FSR.

It could also mean that older titles no longer receiving love from developers might still see FidelityFX Super Resolution implemented thanks to the modding community.

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