Watch us countdown the best doggos, puppers and woofers in PC gaming

dogs in gaming

They say that behind every great game there’s an even greater dog. Well, maybe nobody says that, but from Earthworm Jim to the Fallout franchise that saying we just made up certainly rings true. In fact, there are so many great tail-wagging heroes in PC gaming that we just had to round them all up into one video for you to watch.

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Only the doggos with floppiest ears, wettest noses and softest fur have made the cut, so sadly no hellhounds, zombie dogs or robot woofers we’re afraid, although Fallout: New Vegas’ Rex almost made the cut. Oh, and do watch out for the accidental dog-related innuendos creeping in every entry or so, we tried our best but it turns out there are certain connotations attached to the words dogging and furry.

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