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GTA Online’s casino diamonds are back, with high probability

You can rock a lemon yellow outfit, too

Diamonds have returned as a reward for the GTA Online casino heist in the latest update. If you’re planning a run on the casino’s vault in the open-world game, you’ve got a high chance of maximum pay-out for the foreseeable future.

The update comes via dataminer Tez2, who runs through everything that’s coming in the latest patch. Generally when you rob the casino, you’ll find a cash reward of up to $2.1 million, which is hardly chump change, but when diamonds are in play, you can make considerably more. The extra valuable stones are periodically taken out and re-inserted, to help mitigate folks getting too rich or trying for the gambling hub too often. As of now, you can start planning your next heist, and odds are good you’ll be rewarded for your exploits in the crime game.

Some other additions include the Coquette D10 as the podium vehicle, 40% off all bunkers and renovations, and a number of cars, including Stirling GT, Rapid GT Classic, Infernus Classic and Swinger are a lovely half-off. The highlight, going by replies at least, is the flourescent Lemon Sports track pants and top, which will guarantee you stand-out in any crowd. Might be best to leave that one in the wardrobe if you’re thinking of trying any high-risk crimes.

It’s always good to keep your exploits within the parameters of the game, as players using a recent money exploit suffered their accounts being reset by Rockstar. In some stranger datamining news, GTA Online has a UFO mission that only dataminers have been able to play so far.

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