GTA 5 DLC brings back beloved campaign character, lets you make drugs

Rockstar's new GTA 5 DLC, Los Santos Drug Wars, tasks players with becoming the sandbox game's psychedelic kingpin, and it's coming to GTA Online very soon

GTA 5 DLC brings back beloved campaign character, lets you make drugs: A woman in a blue and yellow wrestling mask and blue suit clenches her teeth with her fists balled as an old seaplane flies past in the background

The new GTA 5 DLC challenges players to make their mark on the Los Santos psychedelic trade, and while that’s exciting in itself, long-time fans will likely be more excited to see one of the sandbox game‘s most famous faces make his GTA Online debut.

Entitled ‘Los Santos Drug Wars,’ the latest GTA 5 DLC will drop on December 13, just in time for the festive season – and it gets even better. The devs have confirmed that this is simply the first chapter in an “expansive two-part story update,” meaning there will absolutely be more chaos where this came from.

Los Santos Drug Wars centres around hallucinogens. As you and your merry band of misfits (including familiar face Nervous Ron) try to stamp out the competition and wrestle for control of the psychedelic trade, you’ll be tasked with fending off “wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers” in order to etch yourself into Los Santos’ history books.

For those unaware of Ron, the character features in GTA 5’s single-player track. While it may not be the Michael you all wanted, at least it shows that the devs will consider bringing back some of the game’s most famous faces. Your hopes aren’t dashed, my friends.

It’s safe to say a new GTA DLC is music to our ears, though. With the GTA 6 release date still shrouded in mystery and the decommissioning of Red Dead Redemption Online, avid fans of Rockstar’s numerous IPs have been looking for something new for some time. Los Santos Drug Wars will, to borrow Rockstar’s words, “inject a new psychoactive strain of chaos,” and boy do we need it. Hook me up, Scotty.

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