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Epic’s GTA V giveaway brought seven million new players to its store

Epic, indeed.

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Epic Games has been giving away free PC games on its storefront for a good long while now. Few, however, have brought the Epic Games Store to its knees like GTA V did when it was the freebie of the moment, with the store being knocked out for eight hours. We now have a sense of scale regarding how many people came to the Epic Games Store for that free pick up, with some recent court documents putting the number at seven million new players.

As The Verge reports, several new documents that are part of the Epic vs. Apple trial have been discovered, with one of them dipping into how many new users each freebie has brought to the Epic Games Store. You can probably guess which game takes the top spot, though Civilization 6 and Subnautica also did pretty well, tempting 2.5 million and one million players to the store, respectively.

Rockstar Games also did pretty well out of the arrangement with Epic, with publisher Take-Two recently saying the promotion helped GTA V reach ever-higher sales numbers even after the promotion ended.

While Epic’s freebie offering has attracted more users to its store, it remains behind its primary competitor, Steam. Earlier this week, Epic revealed that the Epic Games Store has 58 million monthly active users, whereas Valve last reported that Steam had 120 million active users as of last year.

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Epic’s offering of free games is still ongoing, too. You can get Yooka-Laylee and Void Bastards this week, while Automachef is up for grabs next week.