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GameStonk, as told by GTA 5 players

To the moon!

A citizen of Los Santos talking about Gamestonk in GTA V

You've probably heard about GameStonk at this point. Last month a group of Reddit users invested heavily in GameStop shares to flip the script on a few hedge funds. The group did cause some disruption for a bit, but ultimately, many people lost a lot of money.

A lot of it has been brought about meme culture on Reddit, so it perhaps fits that the whole thing has got its own retelling through a Grand Theft Auto V machinima. Does watching the video make this entire ordeal less confusing? No, not really, but It's an amusing video to get your Monday off to a bright, cheery, and silly start – all things we like at PCGamesN.

The video involves someone riding high after getting in on the GameStonk buzz. He's quite chuffed about the situation, and shouts “to the moon!” a lot – a phrase I am now filling our Slack with. Eventually, he comes across someone who reckons this all sounds quite neat and gets in on it himself. That doesn't go well, and shenanigans ensue.

If you’re looking for a chuckle to kick off the working week, you can find the video below:

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