Grand Theft Auto V mod sticks a pilotable Star Wars Star Destroyer in the clouds

GTA V Star Destroyer

Taking to the helm of a Star Destroyer is an experience that Star Wars Battlefront won’t let you have, but GTA 5 is less restrictive. A new mod throws a few Star Wars vehicles into the game, and a working Star Destroyer is certainly the main attraction. 

The video from TwoDynamic above shows off the huge ship looming over Los Santos, and you can see the engines flare up as it begins to move across the skyline. The ship hasn’t been fully completed yet, so the engine effects are a little simple and the textures are not fully detailed yet, but the effect is impressive nonetheless.

Also part of the mod are Land Speeders and Speeder Bikes, which look a lot of fun.

The whole thing feels similar to the Mass Effect Reaper mod that we saw released last week.

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Thanks, VG247.