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Grand Theft Auto V PC release date announced, will launch on January 27


Rockstar have finally announced a release date for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V. The new consoles will be blessed with the game on November 18, while the PC version will follow next year, on January 27.

Two and a bit months later. And what a bitter two and bit months they will be.

As some consolation, the enhanced edition of Grand Theft Auto V will look several degrees prettier than the original game, with the PC version boasting enhanced draw distances, grassier hills, more guns and wildlife to shoot guns at, as well as better lighting and weather effects.

Denser traffic will create a more believable facsimile of real world Los Angeles, while improved damage will allow you smash up said traffic in a more realistic manner. There’s also a “new foliage system”, if you like your trees looking especially bushy.

The game’s radio stations are also being overhauled, introducing over 100 new songs and DJ mixes. The slightly wonky but still fun online mode will be renovated too, with bonuses for those who feel like pre-ordering.

I’ve played Grand Theft Auto V to bits on Xbox and wouldn’t hesitate to play it all over again. It really is a staggeringly ambitious open world game, and is comfortably Rockstar’s finest achievement to date.

And while it’s arriving very late to PC, all that lovely enhanced foliage will have been more than worth the wait.