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Grand Theft Auto V’s latest patch will break your mods

GTA V patch

When you boot up GTA V you’ll find that the launcher or Steam will start applying a new patch, but depending on how you play GTA it may not be a fix in your eyes. The 350.1 patch focuses on bugs, crashes, and stability, but the changes made breaks any mods applied to the game.

Mods are not officially supported by Grand Theft Auto V, but in the two weeks since launch savvy coders have found ways around the game’s files and created a variety of simple but entertaining modifications. The 350.1 patch unfortunately makes Script Hook V – the tool used to make mods – unusable, and thus breaks any mods applied to the game.

If you want to continue playing with mods, you’ll need to use an older version of the game. Forcing GTA V to not update is your best option, but if the patch has already been applied you’ll be able to find the old files at unofficial sources. You’ll be downloading them at your own risk, though.

Patch 350.1 itself addresses issues such as players unwittingly deleting cars from their garage by driving a new car into an already full garage (a warning prompt is now displayed), fixes alt+tabbing out of the game in the Steam version, and stops the game freezing when stores are being robbed whilst buying snacks. The full patch notes can be found below.

  • Vehicles in your garage can no longer be accidentally replaced with vehicles from the street. For details, see this page.
  • Improved stability and fixed several crashes and hangs while transitioning between Jobs in GTA Online.
  • Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to exit their garages while inside of a personal vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze if you were robbing a store while someone else was attempting to buy snacks there.
  • A rare issue has been fixed where some players received a “Purchase Failed” error when attempting to buy apartments.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be asked to quit the game while using text chat in Golf and pressing the “E” key.
  • GTA Online characters can now be added to your shortlist in the Rockstar Editor.
  • Fixed several clipping issues that occurred when taking Snapmatic selfies.
  • One-on-One Vehicle Deathmatches in Free Roam will now properly spawn all participants in vehicles.
  • Fixed a Steam-only issue where you could not alt-tab back into GTAV if you alt-tabbed out while the Steam overlay was active.
  • Various fixes to bring improved patch download speeds.
  • Improvements to matchmaking so players that have good connections to each other are matched together more frequently.
  • Fixed a Steam-only issue where players could not use Mexican Spanish as a subtitle language.
  • General stability fixes for director mode and video editor.
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Fixes for issues caused by launching the game in offline mode.

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