Here’s how you unlock GTA 5’s secret alien mission


Update July 4, 2017: The group who hacked their way into an alien encounter in GTA 5 have now discovered how players can unlock the special mission legitimately.

If this sounds like something you want to do, get ready for a grind. Hey, nobody said contacting aliens was going to be easy. 

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As you probably guessed, with the alien mission being triggered through Gunrunning, it has something to do with your arms dealing business in GTA Online.

You need to complete 601 Gunrunning sales, then start a Supply Run between 21:00 and 23:00 hours. This should trigger the mission with the crashed saucer. Don’t die, though, as the mission can only be triggered once and then it’s gone forever.

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Original Story June 30, 2017: After trying for so long to solve the alien mysteries at the heart of Mt. Chiliad in GTA 5, one group of players has finally made contact with alien life. It looks like Rockstar are gearing up for a big reveal, but this group of easter egg hunters weren’t going to wait around.

A group that call themselves the Gurus have been digging through the game files and found some references to alien craft. The references were tied to the recent Gunrunning update, and they could see the process for triggering an event buried in the code.

The only thing holding it back was that the GTA Online world-state needed to be set at a specific frequency, and Rockstar clearly wasn’t ready. So they came up with a tool and did it themselves.

They kept experimenting and running missions until, finally, one took the player to the location in the code – the location of the crashed alien ship. Arriving triggered a mission to collect alien eggs, though the mission is clearly not fully developed yet.

I did have to laugh when the aliens showed up and were gunned down before they could even materialise properly. ‘Murica. Check it out in the video above.

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