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GTA 5 easter egg lets you play as Bigfoot and unlocks him in the Rockstar Editor


One of Grand Theft Auto V’s great mysteries has been solved. After a patch by Rockstar introduced an achievement to unlock all the animal actors in their movie maker Rockster Editor (models to be manipulated) it was discovered that the previously thought maximum was one short. The redditors of Chilliad Mystery, the subforum dedicated to rooting out GTA’s notoriously well hidden easter eggs, jumped into action. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for them to dig into files and find what they were looking for.

rkRusty’s thread was the first to pop up with how to unlock the Sasquatch in GTA 5. They discovered that once a laundry list of conditions were met – including completing missions in a certain way, beating the game, it being foggy and being at the right place at the right time – a peyote would spawn that could be consumed. Do so and the player character is transformed into the walking furball you see above.

You can see rkRusty’s collection of screenshots in this gallery, including the location of the item and how he worked it out from digging around in the PC version’s files. It’s interesting to see how Easter Eggs have adapted to both the ease of communication between gamers and more games having PC ports, meaning more direct access to the code of the game. It’s either assumed that everything will be found in moments, or they’re now so well hidden that the only option is to go rooting around. We’re a far cry from Grosse.

Expect ol’ Sas to pop up in a few GTA 5 movies now. Will you be hunting him down?

Thanks, Eurogamer