GTA 5 mods recreate The Last of Us and make Los Santos unrecognisable

GTA 5 Last of Us

The Last of Us may be a PlayStation exclusive, but I’m sure many of you have played it regardless. If you haven’t, then all the more reason to be interested in these GTA 5 mods that transform Los Santos from the vibrant, sprawling cityscape that we’re most familiar with, into this overgrown post-apocalyptic wasteland a la Joel and Ellie’s stomping ground.

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The combination of user-made mods needed to reimagine this beautifully eerie dystopian Boston are firstly Rapidiment’s After Us: Rodeo map, which includes more the 60 crashed vehicles and 1675 props. And secondly, GTAFREAk67S’s Joel (The Last of Us) character skin that turns your playable character into a Joel lookalike. Download instructions are featured on each mod’s page.

There’s been loads of great GTA 5 modsmade since its PC release last year, however this one is particularly impressive as it transforms Los Santos into a world almost unrecognisable to its original form.

In the video below, you’ll probably notice there isn’t anything in the way of stalkers or clickers – The Last of Us’ infected antagonists – and there doesn’t seem to be another wandering soul, bar this version of Joel. Perhaps other clever modders could see to throwing some bloaters into the mix?