GTA 5 sell good make money

Okay, look. I have been writing about Grand Theft Auto V selling ridiculous units and making ridiculous money for years, and it’s to the point where the numbers are barely fathomable. How many times can I say ‘GTA5 sell good make money’? At least one more, as it turns out – publisher Take Two has announced that GTA5 sales have now surpassed 130 million units.

That’s up from 115 million as of November and, to be clear, the new number does not include the still-ongoing GTA5 giveaway on the Epic Games Store. Take-Two cites the NPD Group in calling GTA5 the best-selling game of the past decade in the US, in terms of both unit and dollar sales figures.

Take-Two has posted other notable sales figures today, too, as details. Red Dead Redemption 2 is over 31 million units sold (Rockstar’s open-world games know no bounds), NBA 2K20 is at 12 million units, and Borderlands 3 sales have topped 10 million units, up 50% over the same period for Borderlands 2.

Elsewhere in the financial report, Take-Two has announced that Kerbal Space Program 2 is getting delayed until late next year – but there’s certainly no shortage of brilliantly-selling titles to make up for that lost time.