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GTA5 cheaters could instantly kill you - even in single-player - before today’s patch

Hackers could briefly get access to your single-player GTA5 games

GTA Online has its share of cheats and mods, and they can be a big problem for online players. But a new mod menu went several steps further, allowing nefarious players to get administrative access to servers to spawn vehicles or even instantly kill you – even while you’re in single-player.

The exploit has since been patched, but for the brief window it was open it served as one of the most alarming cheats we’ve seen in ages. Before the patch, a mod menu was able to access an admin feature intended to allow Rockstar devs to get creative during streams. That feature allows you to kick players from servers, spawn vehicles, initiate ragdoll, or instantly kill players.

Most disconcertingly, hackers didn’t even have to be part of your game session to mess with you. Anybody with your Rockstar Social Club ID could drop jets on your head or repeatedly kill you, as happened to speedrunner FriendlyBaron. That applies even in single-player, unless you take extra steps to block all of GTA5’s online features.

According to prominent members of the Rockstar community, the exploit has existed for ages, but this is the first time it had been publicly released. It’s also apparently gotten patched shortly after access to the cheat became widespread.

Rockstar and Take-Two have gotten increasingly aggressive about stamping out cheats, repeatedly taking legal action against the makers of exploitive mods like Infamous. It’s often come at the expense of proper mod support for solo players, though. Either way, this will hopefully be the last opportunity for online cheaters to affect solo GTA players. If you’re looking to get experimental in a more legitimate way, our list of GTA 5 cheats can surely help.