Take the fight to the aliens in this GTA 5 space mod


If you’re underwhelmed by GTA 5’s big alien reveal, there’s a new mod for the game that might satisfy you a little more. In it, you head into space to shoot, punch, and mow down aliens on their own turf.

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It’s not out yet, but the trailer, embedded above, makes the mod look like it could be worth a visit when it is. I’m all for mods that take players to exciting new locations – especially if those locations are space.

You’ll not only get to finally take your frustration out on GTA 5’s aliens – outside of Michael’s drug-fuelled hallucinations – but you’ll also get to drive a lunar rover and fly a shuttle.

Now, can we actually get a GTA Space? Maybe that’s what Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be when that’s finally out.