New GTA Online Adversary Mode brings Tron to Los Santos

Tron GTA Online

Tron-style light bikes come to Los Santos in the newest GTA Online Adversary Mode, Deadline – a competitive arena event where you use your bike’s neon trail to wreck the opposition.

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The new neon vehicle that’s been added to the open-world crime ’em up is theNagasaki Shotaro, a blazing quick motorcycle. Using the bike in Deadline unlocks it atLegendary Motorsport, along with the Deadline outfit which also unlocks across all Los Santos’ clothes stores.

Deadline pits up to four players against another, each mounted on a different coloured Shotaro. The aim is to get in front of your opponents and criss-cross your trail of light across their path, blowing them up on contact.

There are also a bunch of strategic power-ups to grab for a competitive edge; use Boost to speed ahead and cut off your opponents, slow down time with Zoned for precision movement, or leap your opponent’s light trail with Hop.

Try out Deadline between now and November 21 for Double GTA$ and RP. In addition to the Double GTA$ and RP in Deadline, there’s 25% off business supplies and resupplies, plus an extra 50% GTA$ and Double RP from Biker Business Sales.

Here are some other bits which are discounted until November 21.


  • Biker Businesses – 25%


  • Karin Technical – 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • Savage – 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • MTL Brickade – 50%


  • Bullet Ammo – 25%
  • Throwables and Explosives – 25%
  • Body Armor – 25%
  • Drum & Box Magazines – 25%
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