GTA Online offers VIP treats for all in Criminal Expansion weekend

GTA Online Criminal Expansion weekend

With the world and his wife already salivating over the forthcoming Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion, those clever folks at Rockstar have decided to hand GTA Online players a discounted trinket or two this weekend.

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Running until Monday, GTA Online’s Criminal Expansion weekend offers players “deep discounts” on vehicles and services from Executives and Other Criminals. According to Rockstar, highlights include 50 percent off SuperVolito Helicopters, Orion Yachts, and Turreted Limos.

Also available are discounts on select weapons, clothing, and a double RP Adversary Mode playlist. What’s more, with no VIP Threshold during the event, everyone can take advantage.

GTA Online offers

As detailed last month, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony – which launches on June 7 – will charge players with climbing the crooked corporate ladder, building towards the ultimate goal of skyscaper HQs and warehouses packed full of stolen goods.

Billed by Rockstar as the “biggest and deepest” update to GTA to date, the studio continues to offer a masterclass on how you keep a near three year old game on everyone’s radar.

Other offers included in Criminal Expansion weekend include 25 percent off Executive and Other Criminals clothing, as well as discounts at SecuroServ. Full details on all of the offers available can be found here.