Everything we know about the GTA Casino Heist release date and start time

Rockstar is adding its latest heist activity to GTA Online, here’s when you and your crew can hop in


When is the GTA Casino Heist release date? Rockstar opened the doors of the grand gambling hall earlier this year, and now some time has passed – and we’ve had our fun – it makes sense that we absolutely ransack the place with a heist. This is Grand Theft Auto, afterall.

In case you’re unaware, Grand Theft Auto heists are one of Rockstar’s multiplayer activities found in GTA Online. You corral some friends, you all put some cash in, and go after a big score, though not without some planning. You go on several set-up missions to either get something you need – be it information, special tech, or a speedy getaway vehicle – or to stake a place out. Once all the preparations are complete, one big mission is all that stands between you and your prize. Though, if we’re honest, it’s the gameplay and missions that make it. During one of the heists you steal a bunch of fighter jets and fly off as Kenny Login’s Danger Zone starts blaring out – something any Top Gun fan will enjoy.

The GTA Casino Heist is the next crime-filled outing to grace the streets of Los Santos, and it’s set to be a big one. In this guide we’ll go over the GTA Diamond Casino Heist release date so you know when you can hop in.

GTA Casino Heist release date

The GTA Casino Heist is now live, so you can hop in as soon as you’re able. Rockstar confirms the GTA Casino Heist release date is December 12, 2019, so we knew that much. We did not receive word on the GTA Diamond Casino Heist start time, however, but the last major update went live 3:00 PST / 6:00 EST / 11:00 GMT and it proved to be the same this time around.

Forget that! when is the GTA 6 release date? 

Now the GTA Casino Heist is live, we’ve been diving in to take a look around at what’s new. We’ve already found oodles of new GTA Casino Heist cars, but we’re still looking around for more.