GTA Online’s best anti-troll gun is on sale

The Up-n-Atomizer doesn't do much damage, but it's still effective against god mode hackers

GTA Online is running some specials this week connected to its Survival Series and Arena War modes, and it’s your chance to pick up one of the action-adventure game‘s best anti-troll guns at a discount. The Up-n-Atomizer is 35% off its usual GTA$399,000, meaning you can pick your own space ray gun up for a cool GTA$259K. Here’s why you should do it.

As GameStar points out, the Up-n-Atomizer, which was introduced during the Festive Surprise 2018 event, doesn’t actually do a lot of damage, but it has other qualities that make it an invaluable tool to have in your kit-bag. You see, cheaters using various hacks often don’t care about how much damage your weapons do because they’re using god mode options found in mod menus. Thus, conventional weapons are typically useless against them.

That’s where the Up-n-Atomizer comes in. This space age pistol emits a strong burst of energy that pushes players or vehicles back with a significant amount of force. God mode may protect cheaters from being physically damaged by the beam, but it doesn’t keep them from being ragdolled by its physics effects – meaning you can make sure they’re having just as bad a day as they were hoping to inflict on you.

Used effectively, it can cause even the most moustache-twirling hacker to quit in a fit of evil rage. We turn now to Reddit for a demonstration:

How to deal with a god mode hacker from gtaonline

As you can see, armed with the Up-n-Atomizer and a bit of determination, you can in fact turn the tables on what would have otherwise been a completely one-sided encounter with a hacking troll. And it’s so satisfying to watch.

The Up-n-Atomizer has other uses, too: it’s a great tool to have for getting vehicles out of tight corners in a pinch, which can make or break a getaway. At GTA$259K it’s still not cheap, but it’s an awful lot more affordable now than it is normally. If you took advantage of the free cash offer in May, you might still have GTA$500,000 burning a hole in your pocket right now, in fact.

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