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GTA Online players are getting character wiped for using new money exploit

The new cheat involves apartment garages, and caused players to get all their progress wiped

GTA Online players are reporting that their characters have been completely wiped of progress and money after using a new exploit to rack up a load of in-game currency. From the looks of things, it stems from a recent wave of money resets from Rockstar.

The money cheat was discovered two weeks ago following the launch of the the game’s Los Santos Summer Special update. The way it works is simple and proves to be reasonably potent, as it could be done in several minutes. If you already had the most expensive CEO office and slots six and seven available for garages and apartments, all you had to do was buy two specific properties and then load into the creator mode and then launch an invite-only session. Once there, you could go to Dynasty 8 Real Estate on your phone and buy the cheapest properties on slots six and seven. Regardless, though, it has now been patched.

Several players have taken to Reddit and Twitter to share screenshots of messages they’ve received from Rockstar explaining that their account has been reset due to violating the terms of service. Grand Theft Auto dataminer Tez2 also reports (below) that it’s a complete character wipe, too, so all their progress, including money and everything else, is gone.

Rockstar is relatively on the ball when it comes to stomping out money exploits, but the developer seems more prolific of late. More recently it fixed the apartment transfer workaround and Cashing Out duplication glitch, which were some of the more popular GTA money cheats.

In other Grand Theft Auto V news, we’re getting what Rockstar is calling GTA Online’s “biggest ever” update sometime soon, though no release date has been given just yet. All the more reason to stamp out these exploits, then. It’s set to feature a new location, which has got the game’s conspiracy theorists putting their heads together.

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