When will GTA Online Formula 1 cars arrive in Los Santos?

We’ve been waiting for the GTA Formula 1 cars ever since a leak confirmed their existence last year


GTA Online Formula 1 cars have been on the mind of players since a leak claimed their existence before the GTA Casino heist update. Most of these leaked vehicles appeared as GTA Casino heist cars, but our dear Formula 1 cars were not present.

GTA Online players are a determined bunch, though, and have found a way to mod them into the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. So, in a way, GTA Online Formula 1 cars are available, but not officially. While you wait for the Formula 1 cars you can still fetch yourself the Enus Paragon R Armoured car, or the Grotti Furia supercar. If you want to drive around while you wait, you can do just that by doing the GTA Casino heist. We’ve written guides on the GTA Casino scope out locations, signal jammer locations, and weapons to help you do just that.

For this GTA Online Formula 1 cars guide, though, we’ve pulled together everything we know about the new vehicles and when they’ll be hitting the streets of Los Santos. On that note, here is when GTA Online Formula 1 cars will come to Los Santos.

When will Formula 1 cars come to GTA Online?

Not long to wait now, GTA Online Formula 1 cars will arrive in Los Santos on Febuary 27, 2020. We had an inkling it would be coming around now, following a productive holiday season, Rockstar revealed that GTA Online is set for an “open-wheel racing series” that features new cars and racing with “tight cornering, tactical tire choices, and perfectly timed pit stops”.

Another leak from veteran data miner TezFunz2 also points to the PR4 and R88 Formula 1 cars being available in as upcoming GTA Online Lucky Wheel rewards.

GTA Online players have also dug into other aspects of the Formula 1 cars, too. Over on the forums, plenty of them have pulled together what paint jobs you can apply to your car. Some will no doubt look familiar to the hardened Formula 1 fan, even without the logos and sponsorship branding.

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