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GTA Online has massive discounts for Lowrider Custom Classics week

gta lowrider

The in-game economy of GTA Online is succumbing to March Madness this week as several stores are offering up to 75% off customisation.

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The Lowriders Custom Classics week offers double GTA$ and RP opportunities for anyone jumping into various activities across Los Santos online until next Friday.

You can pick up a Lowrider custom chassis or bodykit from Benny’s and there’s 75% off Bobbleheads, Custom Gear Shifts and Plaques. At Ammunation there’s 50% off shotgun and riffle ammo, and 25% off all motorbikes across the map. To accomodate the new fleet of cars and bikes you’ll be picking up, 10-car garage properties are also 25% off at Dynasty 8 which you can find through logging into your iFruit.

There’s also a Snapmatic competition throughout the week for you to try and win a cool GTA$1m, just take a hot shot and tag it #customclassics on the social club to enter.

To see the complete line-up of events to get RP and GTA$ bonuses in this week, see the promo below.

Lowrider Custom Classics