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GTA Online is offering double RP on a variety of activities between now and March 10

GTA Online

From now until March 10, GTA Online is hosting ‘Versus Missions Week’ – a chance to batter other players and earn double GTA$ and RP while doing it. This offer also extends to some of GTA Online’s sandbox activities, although it’s just for the RP.

Did somebody say ‘sandbox activities’? I’m glad you mentioned it, because now you can read through our picks of PC’s best sandbox games. You’re welcome.

So yeah, play Versus Missions – which areselectable via the GTA Online pause menus – to net yourself some double reputation and cash, win or lose.

You can also take advantage of double RP in Freemode by flying under bridges and for completing lessons at the San Andreas Flight School.

To tie into this avian twist, there are various discounts onaerial vehicles and anti-air weaponry. Of course there will be people wanting to shoot down players looking for some easy double RP – this is GTA Online. Here are the discounts available:

  • 50% off Flight Suits & Flight Caps
  • 25% off all Combat Helicopters
  • 25% off all Private Jets
  • 25% off all Automatic Rifles
  • 25% off Homing Missile Launchers & Ammo

If you can’t be bothered to flick through the pause menus,you can launch directly into the double GTA$ & RP Versus Missions when starting up GTA V by pressing a single button when prompted on the GTA V loading screens.