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GTA Online leaks hint at next update weapons and details

New information from reputable GTA Online leakers hint at some of the details expected for the next big GTA V update, with speculation about a release date

GTA V Online leaks hint at new update - possible Cayo Perico content

Grand Theft Auto V’s next big update for GTA Online is due in a few weeks, and some reputable leakers are already suggesting several juicy details that we can expect to show up in the multiplayer game when the update arrives. Rockstar has also extended the current Diamond Casino-themed GTA Online weekly event until July 26, which suggests that we may see the update landing around that time.

In a comment on GTA Forums, noted leaker alloc8or shared some juicy little snippets of info about the new update, which they say Rockstar has listed as simply “DLC 1 2022.” According to their reporting, the update is set to include 26 new vehicle slots – this means more garage space, though players have speculated that the weird number suggests that it could also include something like six slots of hangar space.

Two new rifles are expected to come with the update. The first listed as a “tactical rifle” and the other – which alloc8or says they are unsure about the exact nature of – is codenamed “PRCSRIFLE,” which implies that it could be some manner of precision sniper rifle. Alloc8or also confirms the presence of new skydiving activities and says these will be connected to a new “skydive collectible” for players to hunt down.

Perhaps most tantalisingly, alloc8or says that “some other certain people have also been hinting at an activity outside of San Andreas – I’ll let the reader figure this one out.” This of course has led to much speculation, although it seems like the most likely candidate would be new activities or perhaps even free-roaming on the Cayo Perico island outside of the framework of the heist which takes place there.

In addition to extending the current weekly event, Rockstar also doubled the in-game cash and reputation rewards earned from payphone hits, making them quite a lucrative earner. A recent update from Rockstar also discussed some of the other things coming as part of the update, which is planning to expand the executive, biker, gunrunner, and nightclub owner careers. It will also add a set of missions which sees players sworn in as IAA field operatives to investigate “a budding criminal conspiracy.”

There are plenty more tweaks and quality of life changes coming too, including a nerf to the Oppressor Mk II, easier access to snacks and armour on the fly, and the ability to launch sell missions while in an invite-only session. In addition, Rockstar is increasing the in-game cash payouts throughout the game across a wide range activities.

The GTA 6 release date might still be a speck on the horizon, but it seems like there’s going to be plenty of action in the current iteration of the open-world game for a while to come. We’ve also got you covered on the best GTA RP servers, if you fancy something a bit different.