GTA Online’s latest update is all about criminal luxury, lets you buy your own yacht


GTA Online’s latest addition makes a life of criminality downright decadent. Thought Tommy Vercetti had it good in Vice City? Just wait until you buy your very own Super Yacht in the new Executives and Other Criminals update.

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God I want one of those yachts. The latest free add-on to GTA 5’s ever expanding multiplayer launches on December 15th, and part of the focus is on making you a stinking filthy rich boss. The aim is to become a VIP who runs their own criminal empire, complete with teams of Bodyguards (played by your fellow gamers) who you can hire and fire. Alternatively, you can get your inner Kevin Costner and play as a Bodyguard, earning a steady wage protecting your disgustingly wealthy kingpin.

Different Organisations can go at in GTA Online’s Freemode, where new missions have been designed to make the most of some pretty snazzy new vehicles, like the Turreted Limo and the SuperVolito Carbon helicopter. Existing modes, like King of The Hill and Moving Target have also been tweaked to accommodate vying Organisations.

Rockstar are also throwing in a new mode called Extraction Adversary, where a team of Bodyguards attempts to rescue and extract an Executive from their downed luxury jet while a Hit Squad tries to execute the monied target.

Turns out, crime does pay after all. Coincidentally, Steam is telling me I’ve played four days and 21 hours of GTA 5. That’s probably fine.