GTA Online’s weekly update brings Diamonds back, Casino Heist community challenge

It's all about that Casino heist this week in GTA Online

November 12, 2020 Rockstar Games has posted the full details on the GTA Online weekly update

It’s that time of the week again, Grand Theft Auto Online fans. The weekly update is upon us, the multiplayer game’s community has been busy working out what’s to come, and now Rockstar Games’ official Newswire post has landed – and there are some glittering goodies in store.

First up, diamonds are back, baby. As spotted by GTA Online fan and dataminer Tez2, diamonds have returned to the open-world game’s Casino Heist as loot this week, which means the chance to scoop up some mega rewards for completing it. Plus, there’s extra incentive to dive into the heist – according to Tez2’s findings, the weekly update also brings a 75% discount on the cost of your Casino Heist setup (“$6,250”). Phwoar.

The reason behind these updates, as Rockstar explains in the Newswire post, is to “help get ready for the upcoming release of the next evolution in Heist gameplay”. The studio’s launching “a special kind of score”, which tasks GTA Online’s players with playing any heist finale over the next seven days to “collectively steal GTA$100 billion as a community”.

“Should everyone come together and hit the target by November 18,” the post explains, “we’ll reward the entire community at large with a special new vehicle, free of charge for a limited time this December. All participants who partake in this week’s Heist challenge will receive an additional bonus – a special badge of honour for their efforts. Assemble your crew, plan your operations, and keep an eye out for updates.”

Plus, there are bonus rewards to be had this week in GTA Online’s Casino story missions and the Resurrection Adversary Mode, with double in-game cash and RP on offer. And, if you play the game at any point between right now and November 18, you’ll get a bonus GTA$1,000,000, just for hopping in. If you fancy something less intensive during your time in-game, the update means free drinks in the game’s bars, too.

Elsewhere in the crime game’s update, the GTA Online podium car this week is the all-terrain Zhaba vehicle, there’s an ‘Invade and Persuade barrels tee’ login unlock, and there’s a whole raft of discounts on content like casino decorations, the resort’s penthouse itself and renovations, several arcade games, as well as 40% off the Everon, Komoda, Retinue, Retinue Mk II, and Rebla GTS vehicles.

This week’s premium race is Boots on the Ground, the time trial is Sawmill, and the RC time trial is Davis Quartz. Whew! Rockstar’s Newswire post should follow very soon if you’re keen to read up on all the details of this week’s GTA Online update.

If you’re keen to get stuck into the heist now there are even more goodies up for grabs, however, check out our GTA Casino Heist scope outGTA Casino Heist weapons, and GTA Casino Heist payout guides for some handy tips.