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GTA Online weekly update adds 50-car garage and Toundra Panthere

The GTA Online weekly update for February 16 includes the long-awaited arrival of the 50-car garage in Eclipse Boulevard, and sports car the Toundra Panthere.

GTA Online weekly update - a man leans against a motorbike in a stylish garage full of flash cars

The GTA Online weekly update for February 16-22 is upon us, and it marks the long-awaited arrival of the 50-car garage. This hefty storage solution is the perfect place to store all your GTA 5 cars in the Rockstar online multiplayer game, and comes alongside a sporty new car in the form of the Toundra Panthere. There’s also plenty of bonuses and discounts, so read on for the full details.

The new car in GTA Online is the Toundra Panthere. It’s a stylish, two-door sports coupé that bears close resemblance to a real-life Alpine A110 with the raised ridge running up the centre from its front bumper. You can get one in-game for $2,170,000 of your GTA money by heading over to the Legendary Motorsport site, or to Simeon’s Auto Shop.

Also much anticipated since its announcement is the arrival of a bigger garage to store all your collected vehicles. The new 50 space garage is found on Eclipse Boulevard in North Los Santos, and costs $2,740,000. If you decide to invest and are looking to fill up all that space, the Rockford Hills Luxury Autos dealership has the Maibatsu Penumbra FF and the Coil Raiden for sale, while Simeon’s Auto Shop is offering the Dinka Kanjo SJ, Pegassi Toros, Vapid Hustler, and Imponte Nightshade alongside the Panthere.

Free cars are always welcome, and the GTA Online podium car for February 16 is the Grotti Cheetah Classic, a classic two-door sports car which would usually set you back $865,000 to buy outright. Head over to the Diamond Casino and spin the prize wheel to see if you get lucky, or try to pick up the week’s GTA Online prize ride, the Invetero Coquette Classic, by placing top for five days in a row in LS Car Meet Series races.

There are also a number of new freemode events and other collectibles to get your hands on, including daily stash houses, Gerald’s caches, street dealers dotted around the map, and a new convenience store robbery random event that you might run into as you go about your everyday criminal exploits in the open-world game.

Rockstar adds that you’ll be able to earn a range of additional rewards for selling to streat dealers, robbing stash houses, and collecting caches across multiple different days, encouraging players to keep coming back.

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GTA Online bonuses – February 16-22

Here are all the GTA Online bonuses for this week:

  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Relay adversary mode
  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Gang Convoy random event
  • 2x GTA$ and RP onStore Robbery random event
  • 1.5x GTA$ and RP on Street Dealers
  • 1.5x GTA$ and RP on Gerald’s caches
  • 2x speed boost on MC businesses production rate
  • 2x supplies from MC businesses resupply missions

GTA Online discounts – February 16-22

Here are all the GTA Online discounts for this week:

35% off

  • MC Clubhouses and renovations
  • MC Businesses and renovations

30% off

  • Annis Euros
  • Benefactor Krieger
  • Dewbauchee Vagner
  • Dinka Kanjo SJ
  • Progen Emerus
  • Truffade Thrax


  • License plates

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