GTA Online weekly update: new car the Weevil Custom and Slashers event

GTA Online weekly update for October 27 in Grand Theft Auto 5’s multiplayer crime game adds new car the Weevil Custom and a twist on the Halloween Slasher event

GTA Online - Grand Theft Auto 5 - the new BF Weevil Custom hot rod, with a character wearing the Death Mask

The GTA Online weekly update is upon us again, with another new car arriving as part of the continued rollout of GTA 5 Criminal Enterprises vehicles. The week of October 27 sees some incoming hot rod action, alongside the continuation of the Halloween festivities with a new twist on the Slashers freemode event in the crime game, and of course some additional bonuses to earn. Rockstar’s patch notes are expected a little later on, but we’ve got all the details for you now.

The GTA Online weekly update for October 27 – November 2 introduces a new car, the BF Weevil Custom, which captures the spirit of the VW Beetle Rat Rod. The Rat Rod is a custom vehicle traditionally built from the Volkswagen Beetle that emulates classic hot rods, and the Weevil Custom emulates its unique look to give you a very distinctive style as you roll around the streets of Los Santos. If you want to get your hands on one, you can tweak out your BF Weevil for $980,000 at Benny’s Original Motorworks.

If you need to pick up a Weevil first to customise, it’s conveniently on offer at Simeon’s Auto Shop alongside the Lampadati Pigalle, the Albany Lurcher, the LCC Sanctus, and the Dinka RTS 3000. If you head over to the Luxury Autos car dealership in Rockford Hills, you’ll find the Grotti Visione and the Ubermacht Revolter for sale.

The GTA Online prize ride for the week is the Cheval Taipen, a stylish supercar that usually retails for $1,980,000 but can be yours if you manage to finish top in Car Meet Races for five days in a row. If that seems a little too much, the Albany Fränken Stange offers more classic hot rod action and you can dodge the usual $550,000 price tag by netting it as the GTA Online podium car at the Diamond Casino’s prize wheel with a little luck (well, a lot of luck).

The Halloween events continue, with Peyote plants, UFO business battles, and the Camhedz arcade machine all returning. In addition, two spooky freemode events are back. Keep your eyes open at night time and you may spot the Phantom Car following you – a driverless Declasse Tornado that will light aflame if shot, inspired by 1983 Stephen King horror novel and movie Christine.

The Slashers event also makes a terrifying return, where players in certain parts of the Los Santos map will have a chance to come across a variety of dangerous killers. There’s several that can show up depending on the area – from killer clowns to deadly drivers – but players are also reporting a new twist where you can find yourself facing off against… yourself. Or, at least, a psychopathic body double of your own character.

You can also net yourself a Death Mask just for logging in this week, while those looking to maximise their earnings should note that Halloween adversary modes are paying out double their usual in-game cash and reputation point rewards, and Arena modes are also offering the same along with double the arena points.

Rumours abound that the GTA Online Heist Challenge may make a return soon – the event has previously tasked players with stealing a collaborative total of GTA$100 billion in heists over the course of a week. There’s not yet any official word from Rockstar on this as of the time of writing, but keep an eye out! There are also the usual range of discounts on offer, as seen below (via TezFunz2):

50% off

  • Arena Workshop and renovations
  • Vapid Blade
  • Albany Lurcher
  • WMC Gargoyle

40% off

  • Ocelot Penetrator
  • Declasse Impaler
  • BF Weevil
  • LCC Sanctus
  • Arena Bruiser
  • Arena Impaler
  • Arena Sasquatch

30% off

  • Obey I-Wagen
  • Lampadati Pigalle
  • Coil Raiden
  • Grotti Visione
  • Arena Cerberus
  • Arena war outfits

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