GTA V exploit may allow cheats, mods, and banned players to return to multiplayer

GTA Online exploit

Modders have discovered new code in the latest DLC update for Grand Theft Auto V that suggests a returning feature could usher in waves of cheats, modders, and banned players who could play anonymously, without any way of recording their actions.

Back on the original console versions of GTA V, ‘Temporary Characters’ were introduced for GTA Online: characters you could use instead of your saved character when Rockstar was having massive server problems. It meant you could play when there were issues, but as a new character without your pre-earnt stats and equipment. 

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Over on the se7ensins forum, one modder claims to have found evidence that Temporary Characters are coming to the PC version. The lack of saving or recording with temp characters means they are the key to playing online with mods and cheats, and are a way for banned players to return.

This was a problem encountered on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game when temporary characters were introduced. Rockstar received thousands of complaints because of it.

The forum post explains that players could exploit the game with temporary characters by:

  • Bypassing bans, Bad Sport status, Cheater Pool status and mic mutes.
  • Never worry about being banned, suspended, muted, kicked, reported or otherwise punished for exploring scripts online.
  • Bypass any current bans, Bad Sport statuses, Cheater Pool status, mic mutes or any other matchmaking or game-related punishment.
  • Debug the online service and test out various scripts and modding tools without being penalized.

They note that there is currently no official date for the implement of temporary characters. Rockstar have made no announcement that this will happen, so this could well be misplaced speculation.

Many modders have been wishing for mods in GTA Online, but is that worth the hassle of cheaters? Rockstar certainly don’t think so. Do you?

Thanks, VG247.