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GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains update introduces PC performance problems - Rockstar investigate


Players riding in motorcars from the newly expanded GTA V garage this weekend have been gripped by a sense of unease. Ah, you might say – the existential ennui of those who’ve achieved the American dream and have nowhere left to climb. But actually, no. It’s a frame rate thing.

Players have noticed lower frame rates in both GTA V and GTA Online in the aftermath of last week’s update 1.28. Rockstar were “looking into” those reports on Wednesday, a support page reveals.

Users on /r/Games have speculated that new anti-modding and hacking measures for GTA Online have slowed the game’s scripting system to a crawl – but the performance issues seem to affect players regardless of whether or not they have mods installed.

Patch 1.28 was the second half of theGTA Online Ill-Gotten Gains update – a shipping container full of cars, boats, clothes and other doohickies totalling $8 million in Rockstar’s currency. Have you been stockpiling cash in Los Santos?