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Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty comes to GTA 5 in bizarre mod

Rick and Morty GTA 5

As someone who’s never watched an episode of Rick & Morty, this one’s more than a little confusing. I mean, why is there a song about taking a dump on the floor? I’m so confused.

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Anyway, someone’s modded Rick from the aforementioned cartoon into GTA 5 and it looks as weird as you’d expect. Step aside, Trevor, there’s a new fruitcase in town.

It’s not just Rick, though – you also get his UFO, which doesn’t actually fly. Instead it lets you zip around Los Santos at ground level in a plate.

You can also set it up so Rick takes the place of NPCs, such as the dancers in a Los Santos gentleman’s club. See all that in the trailer above.

This bizarre addition to GTA 5 comes from modder Jedidiah515. You can get it at that link.

Cheers, PCGamer.