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Since GTA 5's release, GTA products generated more than all Take-Two's games combined

Grand Theft Auto

Since GTA V appeared on consoles in 2013, the hit open-world game has sold more than 60 million units worldwide, across all platforms. For Take-Two, the title has been a game-changer and, since its release, Grand Theft Auto products have been responsible for more than half of all revenue generated by the publisher. 

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So since 2013 - combining GTA V's sales, money earned from GTA Online's microtransactions and sales of the mobile and PC ports of old GTA games - the GTA series has collectively generated more than all other Take Two games released in that period combined. 

To put it into perspective, some of the other games include: NBA 2K14, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, NBA 2K15, Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth, Evolve, NBA 2K16 and XCOM 2.

That's the power of in-game currency built around microtransactions and staggered platform releases, I suppose.

GTA Online has been a huge focus for Rockstar, and with this sort of money being generated it's easy to see why. I probably wouldn't expect any GTA V story expansions any time soon. 

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1 Year ago

its all in the sharks. but they can sale a lot more if they fix the gameplay in public. it seams they want you to play together as a team and sometimes they want you to kill everyone. For example if you play CEO it feels more like it belongs in a coop open world. Makes no sense to destroy crates but people do it well cause its part of the game. Then if you kill someone you get nothing out of it. Instead you have to pay for the ammo you've wasted, his car that you destroyed and if you die you lose more money. It's a great game. But, it wants to be an MMO and its not. I say if it has friendly fire on fine, ok. But, do not show anyone in the mini map. Keep it a mystery. If you are going to show everyone in the minimap then shut friendly fire off and encourage them to play together. Maybe against waves of cops or hired killers. That's of the top of my head.