GTA Online hacks and “extreme exploits” spark warnings to stop playing

Apparent GTA Online hacks cause players of the Rockstar multiplayer game to warn that logging in on PC could lead to account bans and might extend further.

GTA Online hacks - Lester Crest, a balding man in large glasses wearing a PC headset, in front of blurred lines of code

Running into GTA Online hacks often feels like a common occurrence for PC players of the Rockstar multiplayer game. Things appear to be especially bad right now, though, as players are warning of “extreme exploits” that are apparently severe enough for the creator of one of the most popular anti-cheat solutions to suggest players stop playing the game altogether until it’s resolved.

The reports were initially shared by notable GTA Online and Rockstar specialist ‘TezFunz2,’ who says, “New extreme exploits have appeared allowing cheaters to remotely add, remove, or modify your stats and permanently corrupt your account.” Initially, they suggested that players should avoid playing without a firewall, recommending a popular multiplayer tool for avoiding cheaters, or simply not play GTA Online altogether for the time being.

However, advice among the community changed as reports began to suggest that the exploit may allow “partial remote code execution.” Since then ‘Speyedr,’ the creator of the anti-cheat tool, has temporarily disabled access to all builds, explaining that they want to dissuade anyone from attempting to play online. They say, “This exploit is so serious that one wrong setting or action could result in the loss of your account or even your PC files.”

Remote code execution (RCE) attacks allow malicious users to execute code on another person’s computer through exploits in a system such as an online game environment. If these reports are accurate, that means GTA Online hackers could potentially cause problems that extend beyond simply breaking your game account or getting you banned.

Speyedr adds, “Just to reassure everyone, Guardian still works and this new exploit doesn’t somehow bypass Guardian. However, the chance of any user (especially beginners) setting up Guardian incorrectly in a way that doesn’t protect them is too high for such a dangerous exploit.”

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At least one notable community account appears to have been hit so far. ‘Mors Mutual,’ a fan who roleplays as the insurance company in the world of Grand Theft Auto, says, “Thought I was safe – looks like I wasn’t and a modder just destroyed my GTA Online data. There goes my online account.” They explain that they now just get a flickering loading screen when attempting to go online, and express hope that Rockstar support is able to restore their progress.

Given the serious nature of these claims, we’d highly urge you to avoid logging into GTA Online on PC for the time being, even in a private lobby, until more information comes out. Rockstar Games has now commented on the issue on its social channels, saying:

“We are aware of potential new exploits in GTA Online for PC, which we aim to resolve in an upcoming planned security-related Title Update. If you think you might have experienced any related issues, please reach out to Rockstar Support.”

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