New GTA Online mode In & Out steals away double cash and RP on launch week

gta online in and out

The new adversary mode for GTA Online In & Out launches May 3 and to celebrate there’ll be double GTA$ and RP in specific playlists all week.

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The new mode will pit attackers against defenders in one of three arenas, where the attackers must steal eight packages while the heavily-armed defenders attempt to keep control of them.

Starting today and running through May 5, different adversary mode playlists will reward you with twice the cash and respect you would normally earn from your shady activities:

April 29 to April 3– Adversary ModePlaylist 1 featuring Hunting Pack, Relay and Offense Defense

May1 to May 2– Adversary Mode Playlist 2 featuring Hasta La Vista, Every Bullet Counts and Keep the Pace

May 3 through May 5– In & Out Playlist featuring all three maps of In & Out

In addition, you can get discounts on a variety of ammo and weapons from your friendly Ammunation clerks, with 20% off grenades and sticky bombs, 25% off assault rifle mods and the combat MG, and 50% off SMG ammo.