New GTA 5 Watch Dogs mod is the game Aiden Pearce can only dream of


There’s really no reason for Watch Dogs to exist any more. Ubi’s distinctly underwhelming open-world hacker was not only a personality-free, paint by numbers sandbox, its PC port also stunk the joint out. Thankfully, a new GTA V mod rights the wrongs of Aiden Pearce in spectacular style.

GTA V is pretty awesome. Actually, it’s one of the best sandbox games on PC.

GTA X Scripting has just released a Watch Dogs-inspired mod for Rockstar’s Los Santos masterpiece, and it looks like a corker.

Billowing coat lapels; remote hacking of helicopters; bollards doing mean things to car bonnets – the small details from Pearce’s voyeuristic adventure have been beautifully captured.

Just look at how well Aiden’s ridiculous run has been replicated. Impressive, no? The interface is also an utter dead ringer for Ubisoft’s hack-tastic title, showcasing an nifty eye for detail.

Considering its damn respectable sales figures, there will most likely be a Watch Dogs 2 at some point, but the existence of this mod makes the original all but irrelevant now. C’mon, would you rather hack cameras around Rockstar’s love letter to Los Angeles or potter about an oh so dull take on Chicago?

Admittedly, I’ve spent 138 hours inside the PC version of GTA V, so I may not be the most impartial source of opinion.

You can download the Watch Dogs hacks script here.