GTA Online update brings triple rewards on the Sumo adversary mode

There are also extra rewards on Gerald and Special Vehicle Work missions with the latest update

A GTA Online blue sportscar on a road

Who wants to wait for the official Rockstar Games Newswire post when the latest GTA Online weekly update is live and the new content is here, raring to go? As happens each week, the open-world game’s community has been sharing details of what’s new ahead of the studio’s blog post, which comes later in the day, so we’ve got a good idea of what you can dip into this week right now.

Tez2 has shared the rundown of what we can expect from this week’s GTA Online update on Twitter. We’ve got a new round of extra rewards, with triple the usual in-game bucks and RP on the game’s Sumo adversary mode – y’know, the one that gets you behind your chosen set of wheels to then batter opponents out of the ring while staying inside it yourself. Gerald’s missions and the series of Special Vehicle Work jobs will yield you double GTA$ and RP this week, too.

The GTA Online prize ride this week is the Dominator ASP, which you can earn by finishing in the top three places in six Los Santos car meet races, while the latest GTA Online podium vehicle is the Specter two-door sports car.

The test track vehicles this week are the Sultan RS Classic, ZR350, and Cypher, if you fancy giving those a whirl. As usual, there’s a bunch of discounts up for grabs this week, too, which are below:

Elsewhere, Tez2 notes that there’s an extra 50% in-game cash to be had by completing daily objectives. The details for this are laid out below:

Be sure to take a look at our rundown of all of the new GTA cars in the Los Santos Tuners update if you’re keen for all the details on the new sets of wheels, and find out how to join the GTA LS Car Meet by heading to that link if you’re looking to take some for a try in the game.