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GTA 5 mod Redux “isn’t going anywhere” says creator Romito, despite plagiarism claims


Update September 20, 2016: The man behind GTA 5 mod Redux has stated he has no plans to remove it from the internet, despite claims he stole much of its code from a rival modder.

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In a statement posted on Reddit, Josh Romito has dismissed the idea that code for Redux was lifted from another Grand Theft Auto V mod called VisualV, stating the modder behind the claim – GTAForums user “_CP_” – has absolutely no evidence.

In the process of making his allegation, _CP_ had posted code from both VisualV and Redux next to each other to highlight the apparent similarities.

“You all can take this how you want, but he’s showing us different values? Does that mean they are the same… ? Absolutely not. I did not come here to defend myself, because what he is providing as ‘proof’ is evidence enough that the files, and values inside of them are different,” stated Romero.

According to Romero, code from VisualV and Redux look similar because they share an aim – to give Grand Theft Auto V a visual upgrade.

“Yes, big surprise we both wanted to enable certain visual enhancing features,” he continues. “Fact is, our projects are totally different, on the surface, as well as in the numbers. The use of similar values comes down to the fact that we are trying to achieve similar goals. Redux is not going anywhere, and your not going to pressure me to take it down with your over zealous reactions.

“Similar values means nothing. Actually, it means they are different.. = not stolen. I won’t respond on this topic again. Waste of my time!”

Original story: It’s been hyped, it’s been delayed, and it’s been covered across the games media, but according to one modder, GTA 5 Redux – the big, beautiful graphics mod that enhances the world of Los Santos to a ridiculous degree – is a product of theft.

A poster on GTA Forums has claimed Redux makes use of huge chunks of code from another mod, called VisualV.

“[Redux’s creator] Josh Romito didnt learn a bit from his earlier attempts to mod Rockstar’s blockbuster game,” states forum poster ‘_CP_’, claiming some of Romito’s previous mods were removed due to taking files “from other authors without permission”.

“For the third time, he ripped off my work, a mod called VisualV. If you dont belive [sic] download both mods and compare yourself.”

Said user goes on to directly compare code from both mods covering shadows, light, weather, and various other visuals features. This is a pretty massive accusation given Redux is itself largely a visual upgrade – one designed to enhance the world of Los Santos without radically changing it.

Any suggestion that its visual effects have been lifted from other mods would potentially undermine the entire thing.

Some other users in the thread go on to point out the likeness of the two mods, though – as LtShadow states – others take the view that all modders lift code off each other. It’s how it works.

“It’s not even really ‘code’, they’re configuration,” LtShadow concludes. “What’s the big deal if someone builds on top of another project? The original code/configuration is Rockstar’s anyway. The argument of ‘stolen files’ doesn’t hold up to much if they aren’t CP’s to begin with. More of like stealing an idea, which is still not a sound argument.”

Redux has suffered a difficult development. Back in August, Romito was forced to delay the mod’s release until September16 due to his home network and computer being hacked, with data lost as a result. Accusations of theft – though in no way a legal issue when it comes to free mods – might just take the biscuit, however.

We’ve reached out to Josh Romito for comment.