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Rockstar patch dodgy GTA 5 framerates, reiterate position on mods

The lastest GTA V update, Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2, introduced a number of stability and framerate issues for PC players when it launched last week. Anti-cheating measures introduced to help combat hacking on GTA Online were causing the game to judder to a halt and were also effecting a number of single-player mods. Rockstar now claim this issue is fixed in a recent Q&A update.

The company also made it clear that their intention was never to disable or ban people using mods in the single-player portion of the game (good job too - guns that shoot cars are now a vital part of my daily routine). They also warn that because these mods are, by definition, not officially supported, there's a high probability that changes made to the game in patches will break them.

The latest update should auto-apply the next time you load up GTA V with internet.

The battle against cheaters in the online mode has been a long one, with just as many videos on YouTube about how to get infinite health and ammo in the city sandbox as ways to complete its various challenges legit. Any of you fine folks had an unfortunate run-in? Of course, you're not one of these scallywags yourself. Are you?

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NihlusGreen(17 days 12 hours played)
2 Years ago

Ill gotten gains 2 was the first time they tackled cheaters, which could be found in every game, which led to an inferior experience for all users. I was also lucky enough to get map fog fully restored to my SP 100% game...

R* make a great console game but have along way to go with PC

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2 Years ago

Yeah, I'm still having the same major stutters after like 15 minutes of gameplay.

So, I guess, that's it. They say it's fixed, so they probably won't work on it anymore.

Which means I could play my 50$ AAA game for about 2 months, after having San Andreas installed for YEARS, and having hundreds of hours of fun with it.

NEVER will I buy a full-priced game again, and pre-ordering? Hah.