GTA 5 summer update pits you against shady San Andreas Mercenaries

Players will join fellow renegades to take down Merryweather Security and other ex-military personnel in GTA Online's update, San Andreas Mercenaries.

Characters in GTA 5 Online standing in front of a car with weapons in hand

Rockstar’s stellar open-world game, Grand Theft Auto 5, has been taking players by storm globally for about a decade now. With constant attention and frequent updates from the developers, it is no wonder that GTA 5 is still going strong, even in 2023. The GTA 6 release date might be on the way, but the GTA 5 summer update, dubbed San Andreas Mercenaries, has plenty to keep us going in the meantime.

Alongside various quality of life improvements, from alternate sprint control options to Creator updates, players can expect to find new events, vehicles, and weapons. The two new vehicles shown by Rockstar Games include one likely inspired by the Dodge Charger and another reminiscent of a Mitsubishi Pajero. Don’t fret if you prefer to soar through skies online, though, as the developers have also revealed a new stealth fighter jet.

The jet is likely an ode to the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, an American combat aircraft. Aside from added vehicles, new weapons are coming to GTA Online such as a tactical submachine gun set to arm players while mid-drive. Rockstar has also stated that random events will be occuring in-game, with daily time trials and “much more.”

A new stealth fighter jet coming in GTA Online's San Andreas Mercenaries update

The Mammoth Avenger, a new enhanced aerial command center, is coming which will contain a “new Operations Terminal and weapons system upgrades.” The developer also says that “new and experienced smugglers will also benefit from a range of upgrades for Avenger and Hangar owners, including the ability to store and customize your Avenger from your Hangar, or even store and access your Avenger without owning a Hangar or Facility property.”

Players can gear up their teams and prepare their Hangar facilities for new Avenger upgrades, then, to ready themselves for the ensuing combat. In terms of GTA Online’s characters and stories, Rockstar will be implementing a new expert aircraft mechanic and ace pilot called Charlie Reed. Reed is in charge of the Los Santos Angels, a squadron he put together made up of aviators and guns-for-hire to take on high-value targets.

New character called Charlie Reed from GTA 5 Online

Players will be joining forces with this “team of elite pilots and ex-military operators” to go up against San Andreas’ largest private military. From stealing money to sensitive data, the Los Santos Angels are said to be skilled at a variety of crime-based activities that will serve to help you on your way.

GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries has its release date set on June 13, regardless of platform. This means that all players will have access to the update at the same time, whether they are using PC or Xbox. You can check out the rest of the full patch notes on Rockstar’s website here to learn all you can about the San Andreas Mercenaries additional content before it arrives.

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