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GTA 5 DLC smuggles in fan favourite San Andreas link

A new van in the GTA 5 DLC is a rather sneaky Easter egg for fellow series sandbox game GTA San Andreas, and while it's a small detail ahead of GTA 6

GTA 5 is a sandbox game filled with Easter eggs and references to pop culture, other media, and even its own series of games, and this extends to GTA 5 DLC too. It’s so prevalent in fact, that a new Easter egg in GTA Online is a direct reference to GTA San Andreas. So while we all wait for the GTA 6, at least we have this van.

This cheeky little GTA San Andreas Easter egg comes in the form of a new vehicle in GTA 5’s online game mode, as a legendary vehicle from that game’s past makes its way into the multiplayer game – well, kind of.

The van is based on the Mothership car from GTA San Andreas, and while the colour scheme has gone from blue to green, the image of the car on the Rockstar blog clearly (mostly) mirrors the car from San Andreas. The original’s licence plate is also “EREHTTUO,” which is apparently an X-Files reference, but the new version doesn’t appear to have this number plate.

The Rockstar Games blog post about the new GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update reads:

“In the middle of the previous century, an entire generation of would-be Yuppies dropped out of polite society to wear tie-dye, burn incense, and piss off their parents. The BF Surfer was their vehicle of choice. This new-and-improved Custom version of the beloved camper gives that hippie mainstay a 21st-century facelift and an engine refresh to match. Think of it like a former burnout with a great credit score.”

You can see the van in the video below.

YouTube Thumbnail

The BF Surfer Custom Van is now available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for a test drive; perfect if you’re feeling nostalgic and want to step back in time (sort of) to GTA San Andreas. More cars are set to appear in GTA Online in the coming “weeks and months” too, according to Rockstar.

This isn’t all the GTA 5 update has to offer, as a Rockstar post details the Drug Wars story update with six missions, and extra jobs and vehicles available too.

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