This GTA 5 mod adds a Reaper to the Los Santos skyline because hey why not

GTA 5 reaper mod

Don’t fear the Reaper, man. I’ll tell you for why – it’s not a real galaxy-eating space roach of Mass Effect fame, but rather a cosmetic mod for GTA 5 that replaces the blimp and really puts all your inconsequential little heists into perspective. Ooh, robbed a jewellery store, have you? Reaper doesn’t care. Reaper simply glides from borough to borough, reminding you of your insignificance in this vast and incomprehensible universe.

It’s the work of modder JJxORACLE and can be downloaded here. His other works include some artfully ported Mass Effect firearms which you might as well install too if you’re going to just invite a bloody great Reaper into Los Santos.

Thus far said Reaper isn’t capable of any apocalyptic destruction per se – but it is still in beta.

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