GTA Online weekly update brings triple rewards for zany Transform races, time trials

This week might have brought the launch of a certain blockbuster RPG game, but – as usual – it’s also ushered in GTA Online’s next weekly update. The latest offering to the online action-adventure game brings triple the treats to some of its most entertaining race types, as well as the new GTA Online podium car, and a hefty bunch of discounts, too.

Ahead of Rockstar Games’ newswire post (which should arrive very soon), fans such as Tez2 on Twitter have been digging into the game to see what’s in store for this week’s update. As they’ve discovered, the latest podium car is the Stirling GT two-door coupe, while the modes getting triple rewards this week are the regular and RC time trials, as well as the zany Transform races. Introduced back in late 2017 as part of the Smuggler’s Run update, these are the dynamic, chaotically fun events that see your vehicle transformed multiple times mid-race by hitting checkpoints.

For this update, you’ll get three times the in-game cash and RP rewards for these races. Sweet.

According to Tez2’s findings, this week’s premium race, time trial, and RC time trial are Congestion Charge, Maze Bank Arena, and Vespucci Canals, respectively. Plus, there are hefty discounts of 40% off a bunch of garages (and related content like storage garage levels), as well as facilities and higher-end properties. Take a look for the full rundown below:

Elsewhere in GTA Online this week, we’ve been given another peek at the open-world game’s next major adventure ahead of the GTA Online Cayo Perico heist release date. A new Cayo Perico heist trailer gives us an idea of a high-profile score involving an island festival and an actual submarine equipped with torpedoes. Gulp. The heist arrives on December 15, so get ready to dive in very soon.

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