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GTA Online’s weekly update adds a new car from The Contract

You're also getting more rewards for doing Every Bullet Counts adversary mode and bike races, alongside, uh, weed and document forgery

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It’s Thursday, friends, and that means it’s reset day for GTA Online. Rockstar Games will have the full rundown on its newswire later on in the day, but the update is already live, so players are visiting Los Santos to see what’s new and worth taking note of.

This week, the big swanky addition is a new car from The Contract update known as the Declasse Granger 3600LX. You may recognise it from the recent slice of new content as it looks like a four-door, full-size SUV. You can buy it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,380,000 in-game currency (or $1,035,000 if you have something to trade in).

If you’re looking to make some money to put towards your new set of wheels, you can get triple the usual GTA$ and RP rewards on the Every Bullet Counts adversary mode and bike races. Weed and document forgery alongside MC work, meanwhile, are paying out double rewards. Weed farms and document forgery offices are also 50% off this week so it’s an ideal time to nab one of those if you haven’t already – and, no, I can’t believe I wrote that sentence either.

Of course, there are other ways to get a new set of wheels in Los Santos. The GTA podium vehicle is the Progen T20 this week, and the GTA Prize Ride is the Annis Remus, which you can earn by placing in the top three of LS Car Meet races for three days in a row.

Here are the discounts:

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