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GTA Online’s weekly update introduces a new game mode and motorcycle

Rockstar has brought more content from The Contract to GTA 5's online version

Lemar from GTA Online's new Double Down adversary mode

It’s Thursday in Los Santos, which means it’s time for GTA Online’s weekly update. It looks like we’ve got our usual raft of weekly discounts and goodies, though some neat additions that relate to the recent major update are the main standouts. Rockstar will have the full rundown on its website later today, but the update is already live, so fans have dug in – why wait, after all?

This time around, one of the notable additions to the online game is the new Double Down adversary mode. One team of players with infinite lives and double-barrelled shotguns storm a location that Franklin and Lemar are tasked with holding down for four minutes. The duo only has one life to spare each, but they do have access to a much more extensive array of weaponry to make up for it. As it happens, the new mode is also offering triple rewards this week.

You can now buy the Nagasaki Shinobi motorcycle if you fancy adding something else to your garage. The new set of wheels features in The Contract update and can now be picked up from Legendary Motorsport for $2,480,500 GTA bucks.

The GTA Prize Ride reward is the RT3000 this week, which you can fetch if you finish in the top two in nine street races for five days in a row. The GTA podium car, meanwhile, is the Jugular.

Here are all the discounts:

If you’re looking to add some spice to your adventures in the offline version of the game, our GTA 5 mods and GTA 5 cheats guides have plenty of food for thought. While we liked GTA Online’s The Contract update, it did leave us yearning for some GTA 5 DLC. One day perhaps, Rockstar, one day?