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GTA Online’s weekly update has heaps of Independence Day goodies

There's also some big bucks to be made on the Stockpile adversary mode

It’s Thursday, my dudes, which means it’s time for the GTA Online weekly update. The citizens of Los Santos have been mulling around to see what’s new ahead of Rockstar’s usual Newswire post and have found heaps of Independence Day goodies. It looks like you’re getting 50% off America day content such as the Liberator and Sovereign, as well as various weapons and clothes. You’ve also got face paints, haircuts, and horns if you’re really into it.

If you’re more into making dosh, there’s plenty for you, too. You can find triple the usual rewards on the Stockpile adversary mode, which involves scraping over various briefcases and trying to bring them back to your base. If that doesn’t impress you much, you can fetch more rewards for doing the mobile operations series of missions that came with the Gunrunning update.

If you’re looking into buying bunkers, it’s a good time for that, too. All of them can be purchased and renovated for half of the usual price. You’ll also find that the Kosatka and its renovations are 25% off, which is nifty.

If you’re feeling lucky, the GTA 5 podium car this week is the Hotring Sabre. You can find the rest of the discounts below:

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