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GTA Online weekly update boosts business battles

Grand Theft Auto Online’s weekly update boost rewards from business battles, RC time trials and bandito races, and Ron contact missions

GTA Online Business Battles: three people with guns and a helicopter flying behind

It’s Thursday, which means the GTA Online weekly update is upon us once again. Rockstar Games will be posting the official patch notes later today, but as the update is already live we have all the key details for you right here.

The go-to event for money and reputation this week is the business battles, which are offering triple the usual in-game cash and reputation point rewards. These take place in freemode, and see players competing to steal cargo for their nightclub warehouses. Players can also net double the normal cash and reputation rewards for completing RC time trials, RC bandito races, and Ron missions.

Those looking to party will benefit from a 30% discount on nightclubs, along with both storage and garage space. You can also get your crew there in style with 50% off the festival bus. Players after a new set of wheels can net this week’s GTA Online Prize Ride, the Itali GTB sports car, for finishing first in street races five days in a row. If you’re feeling especially lucky, you can instead try to win the GTA Online podium car, the Comet Safari.

Here are the full set of discounts:

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