GTA Online weekly update brings back peyote plants and a new quad bike

Trevor walking across a field of plants in GTA 5

It’s Thursday in the real world which means it’s reset day in the online version of Los Santos. As such, GTA Online players are mulling around to see what’s new ahead of Rockstar’s more official roundup on its newswire.

While the GTA Online weekly update’s main thrust is usually which mode is paying out the most, sometimes other things grab players’ attention. Namely, peyote plants. There are typically 76 of them scattered around Los Santos, and eating one will turn you into an animal for a brief stint (it’s a hell of a trip). They’re back this week, so if you need a break from making some dosh, you can go and be one with nature, maaaaan.

We’ve also got another new vehicle this week. This time it’s the Dinka Verus, a quad bike you may recognise from the Cayo Perico update. If you fancy adding it to your collection, head to Warstock Cache and Carry and pick it up for GTA$192,000. If you’re looking to raise some funds this week, open-wheel races and contract missions are paying out double, whereas bodyguard and associate missions are dishing out triple their usual rewards. Nice.

If you’re feeling lucky, the GTA 5 podium car is the Tyrant (a tad ominous if you ask us). If you’re looking for the rest of the vehicle discounts this week, you can find them below:

If you’re looking for the locations of the peyote plants, then look no further.

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If you need a break from all the money chasing and animal transformations, our GTA 5 cheats and GTA 5 mods guides will give you some inspiration for offline shenanigans.

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