GTA Online’s weekly update is all about racing

Car go brrrrrrrr

It’s Thursday in the real world, which means it’s reset day in Los Santos. While Rockstar will reveal the official rundown in the newswire later, GTA Online players have already jumped into the online game to see what’s new and what’s worth doing this week.

By the looks of things, racing is very much the thing that’s worth doing this week if you’re looking to raise some extra money. Time trials, RC time trials, and RC Bandito stunt races offer up twice their usual reward. If you need to catch a break from all the motoring, you can see three times the Sumo adversary mode’s standard reward. It’s still car themed, but it’s all about nudging your pals off the top of a very tall building. We have garages packed with fancy cars, so it’s a good week to put them to work.

There are plenty of discounts on offer, too, which means that somewhere a GTA Online player is cursing their luck because they didn’t wait a week to buy a particular car. The Progen PR4, Ocelot R88, and Souther San Andreas Super Autos Rc Bandito are currently 40% off, while the Grotti Brioso 300 is 30% off.

The GTA 5 podium car this week is the Albany V-STR if you’re feeling lucky. Here’s the complete list of discounts if you’re feeling curious:

If you fancy getting up to some hijinks offline, our GTA 5 mods and GTA 5 cheats guides are some excellent places to find some inspiration. Just recently, someone managed to bring GTA Online’s Cayo Perico heist to single-player.